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Card Suits by SgtLeppard Card Suits :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 1 0 Doctor!Steve by SgtLeppard Doctor!Steve :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 2 0 Kuraku by SgtLeppard Kuraku :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 1 0 Vanna by SgtLeppard Vanna :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 1 2 Nemesis by SgtLeppard Nemesis :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 1 0 Tsubaki by SgtLeppard Tsubaki :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 4 0 Nightmare by SgtLeppard Nightmare :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 4 0 Hair of Discipline by SgtLeppard Hair of Discipline :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 3 3 Night Guard Steve by SgtLeppard Night Guard Steve :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 2 0
She Lives In You
Here she was. It was all over. But she had still lost so many people she was close to. Betraying one family for the other would certainly do that. At this point, it didn't matter too much. The past can't be changed. Xander, Elise, Azura.
They were all gone. They were never coming back.
But here in Hoshido, a reminder stood ever tall. Where a statue of the Dawn Dragon once stood, a regal statue of the late Queen Mikoto stood in its place. She would always be remembered. That attack ended her life, but her spirit and memory would live on forever, Kamui was sure of it. Of course, despite how long it's been since war's end, the hole in her heart was still fresh. Her reunion with Mikoto was too short and she had wished numerous times to have her back, but that was a wish that couldn't be granted, no matter how hard she wished.
Kamui fiddled with the sleeve of her kimono. It was a little grand, too grand for her liking, but she supposed it would be alright. Her daughter, Matoi
:iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 0 0
No Easy Way Out
Kamui knew this was a difficult decision, siding with Nohr. She knew this wouldn't be an easy route. In fact, she was sure that siding with Hoshido would be just as difficult. However, if she had chosen Hoshido over Nohr, she wouldn't be constantly tormented by Garon's lackeys, nor would she and her family have to resort to subterfuge to keep him from discovering their motives. And Yukimura was actually an honest man, unlike Iago.
She could've spent time flying over the Hoshidan countryside on Hinoka's Pegasus. Learning how to use a bow and arrow with Takumi. Helping Sakura with her confidence issues. Reminiscing about old memories with Ryouma.
But that wasn't happening, nor would it likely ever happen. She didn't choose Hoshido. How could she choose a family that felt like complete strangers to her? Part of her wishes she had. The recent battle against Takumi emotionally exhausted her. He wasn't acting right. She understood his anger at her betrayal, but what of everything else? His o
:iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 2 0
The sound of steel against wood was satisfying to Lazward's ears. Another successful hit with his new sword. Too bad this was only training. He could've cut down a general with that swing. Hell, he could've cut the log in half if he was using--
His excitement died down when he remembered Falchion. That sword didn't belong to him. At least, not yet. Not as long as his sister Lucina still drew breath. Besides, he wasn't worthy anyway. Was he though? Could he have overlooked something? Maybe when he returned home, he could ask her to let him take another whack with it for good measure.
Of all days to miss Ylisse and his family, it had to be today. Most everyone in the army was left to their devices since there wasn't much to do for some time. They had returned from battle not long ago and a lot of injuries still needed tending to before Kamui would even think of marching on further. It was like the war with Grima all over again. It just made him wish that he hadn't agreed to com
:iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 5 0
My Sunshine
The shout rang out among the training grounds, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and turn their attention to the source of the noise. Gods, what was Odin going to bother him about now?
"It's time!"
Time? What could-- Oh. Oh! Lazward's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. This was really going to happen. It was happening right now!
Odin hastily beckoned him to follow. "Come on!"
Everyone else was confused. "Time?" Hinata parroted, setting his training blade down. "Time for what?" Others talked amongst themselves, wondering what exactly it was 'time' for and what it had to do with Prince Xander's retainer.
"Oh my Gods... Oh my Gods!" Lazward immediately dropped his own training blade and began to run after Odin.
"Lazward!" Kazahana called. "Time for what!?"
His reply, anxious and gleeful, echoed behind him. "I'm going to be a father!"
Now it began to click. There was a notable absence on the training grounds for the past couple of weeks. Luna was so far alo
:iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 3 2
Just a Dream
2 + 2 = 5.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
He loved Big Brother.

Winston awoke with a start, sweat beginning to mat his beloved Abbey Road sleep shirt to his skin. What the hell was that? Was he dreaming? Looking beside him, his wife Julia slept soundly, locks of her dark brown hair covering her face. Sighing softly with relief at seeing her, he carefully slid out of bed and looked at his surroundings. No, this was not the decrepit old flat he imagined he lived in. It was the lovely two-storey house he and Julia had purchased shortly after they returned from their honeymoon a few months ago. The clock read 03:12, and the calendar on the wall read 11 November, 1984. Sunday morning then. There was no telescreen in the room, and hence no annoying propaganda programmes to be heard.
He could also clearly remember certain key events in his life. The United Kingdom still had a reigning queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The Beatles broke up in 1970. World War II was lo
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Edward!Steve by SgtLeppard Edward!Steve :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 3 0 Richard vi Britannia by SgtLeppard Richard vi Britannia :iconsgtleppard:SgtLeppard 2 0

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Very likely, tomorrow night [or later tonight since it's after midnight here], the changes will be coming

The times, they are a-changin'
You guys remember the literature folders? About those...

The times, they are a-changin'
Not dead guys. Hopefully should have proper redesigns for Steve and Sav up at some point. Trust me, Sav's new design is awesome
I promised changes, and here they are!

:bulletred: First and foremost, if you saw my Doctor!Steve redraw, you probably noticed it's not signed the same as I've always done it. In an effort to move away from my old name, I will not sign any new art pieces with that name and they will instead be signed as "Sgt Leppard"
:bulletorange: Next I'll address the literature section. You may have noticed that a good chunk of stories are no longer in my gallery. Effective today, I will no longer be posting new stories to deviantArt. This is not for a significant reason related to the site. This is due to the fact that posting stories on my AO3 account takes precedence over posting anywhere else, and so I've decided to only post them there. The few stories that remain on the site are those that either aren't posted anywhere else or I felt like leaving them up. This may change in the future, but this is where I currently stand on this matter
:bulletyellow: Next on the agenda is the style changes. Some time ago, I began to experiment with a new hair design that would result in a definite hair shape for characters, minimise the amount of ink I use on the hair alone, and give the hair a proper visible colour. Before uploading Nightmare, only a few characters were given this special treatment, as their hair was way too light and extra lines would make their hair come off as a lot darker than it should be. With how I drew hair in the past, it was really hard to tell a character's proper hair colour through the black Sharpie pen ink. Hopefully now it'll be much easier and won't make anyone's hair look like a huge ass bush [I'm looking at you, Night Guard Steve]
:bulletgreen: And on that note, this can only mean one thing: REDESIGNS AND REDRAWS! I've already uploaded my Doctor!Steve redraw, and in the scraps section is a new doodle dump with previews of Steve and Sav's redesigns. Other assorted characters that aren't attached to an art series will likely get redraws as well

Now I'm going to address some art series/sets and their futures

:bulletblue: Some years ago, I began drawing characters for a story I was intending to write about teenage witches in England. I eventually decided to scrap the story, but I kept at it with drawing the characters. However, I never got around to drawing two of them, leaving that set unfinished. I will be redrawing these characters [Steve and Sav are a part of this, so that's a given already] and possibly more new characters will join them
:bulletpurple: If anyone remembers, when I first joined the site, I primarily drew anthro characters. However, I eventually stopped and drew proper humans. Let's face it, that was pretty much in the middle of my furry phase and I'm now pretty far out of it. That said, the anthro set will be discontinued. And honestly, the "differences" I mentioned for them are really so minor that they might as well all look the same. I'll still leave the ones I've got up, but I will no longer be drawing them
:bulletpink: A very long time ago, I started a series called the Paint Art series. Basically I'd spray paint a rough image in MS Paint, then take that image to a photo editor and mess around with it [mostly smudging, dodging/burning]. This series is on hiatus as I'm busy with plenty of other shit, but that doesn't mean I won't revisit this series in the future
:bulletblack: Is it sketch time? I think it's sketch time. It's been quite some time since I've done just regular pencil sketches. That's also currently on hiatus, but hopefully I can revisit that as well. That sketchbook has a lot of empty space waiting to be used

That should just about cover it!

 - Sgt Leppard
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