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She Lives In You
Here she was. It was all over. But she had still lost so many people she was close to. Betraying one family for the other would certainly do that. At this point, it didn't matter too much. The past can't be changed. Xander, Elise, Azura.
They were all gone. They were never coming back.
But here in Hoshido, a reminder stood ever tall. Where a statue of the Dawn Dragon once stood, a regal statue of the late Queen Mikoto stood in its place. She would always be remembered. That attack ended her life, but her spirit and memory would live on forever, Kamui was sure of it. Of course, despite how long it's been since war's end, the hole in her heart was still fresh. Her reunion with Mikoto was too short and she had wished numerous times to have her back, but that was a wish that couldn't be granted, no matter how hard she wished.
Kamui fiddled with the sleeve of her kimono. It was a little grand, too grand for her liking, but she supposed it would be alright. Her daughter, Matoi
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Rumours and Lyin' Eyes
If it weren't for the sound of clattering jewel cases, one would think Leon's room was empty. Camilla had come home one day with several boxes full of CDs, cassettes, and 8-tracks. One box even had stacks of old vinyl. Nothing in any of the boxes she brought home had caught her eye, so she left them for Leon to sift through. Upon seeing just how many boxes there were, he immediately called up his friend Takumi to help him look through everything.
"Where did your sister even find all of this?" Takumi asked as he inspected the backside of an Anthrax CD.
"One of her coworkers was cleaning out her apartment and needed to get rid of a bunch of junk."
Takumi held up a Metallica CD. "This is junk?"
Leon snickered. "Anyone who thinks Metallica is junk needs to have their head checked. This whole collection is a goldmine!"
"You got that right."
Leon was glad to know that he shared musical interests with Takumi. While Odin liked metal, his heart was more set on more recent stuff that Leon barely
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No Easy Way Out
Kamui knew this was a difficult decision, siding with Nohr. She knew this wouldn't be an easy route. In fact, she was sure that siding with Hoshido would be just as difficult. However, if she had chosen Hoshido over Nohr, she wouldn't be constantly tormented by Garon's lackeys, nor would she and her family have to resort to subterfuge to keep him from discovering their motives. And Yukimura was actually an honest man, unlike Iago.
She could've spent time flying over the Hoshidan countryside on Hinoka's Pegasus. Learning how to use a bow and arrow with Takumi. Helping Sakura with her confidence issues. Reminiscing about old memories with Ryouma.
But that wasn't happening, nor would it likely ever happen. She didn't choose Hoshido. How could she choose a family that felt like complete strangers to her? Part of her wishes she had. The recent battle against Takumi emotionally exhausted her. He wasn't acting right. She understood his anger at her betrayal, but what of everything else? His o
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Blue Eyes
There had been a change with Takumi when he joined the army. No one was sure what it was at first. Not even Takumi himself knew what was different. It wasn't until he had come home from battle one day that Kamui had noticed what was different.
It was his eyes. They had turned blue.
Takumi initially didn't believe her. When he looked in a mirror later that night, his eyes were the same amber as always. Pfft. Blue eyes. Yeah, right. Besides, if they had changed colour, wouldn't Oboro or Hinata have said something? Regardless, he dismissed her odd claim. Maybe his big sister was just exhausted from the long day and even longer battle.
But it happened again. And again. And again yet. She continued to claim that his eyes had changed colour after battle, but whenever he asked someone else about it and saw for himself, his eyes were still amber. Was she seeing something he, and by extension everyone else, couldn't? She did have dragon blood in her. Maybe it's a dragon thing. Who knows, maybe
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The sound of steel against wood was satisfying to Lazward's ears. Another successful hit with his new sword. Too bad this was only training. He could've cut down a general with that swing. Hell, he could've cut the log in half if he was using--
His excitement died down when he remembered Falchion. That sword didn't belong to him. At least, not yet. Not as long as his sister Lucina still drew breath. Besides, he wasn't worthy anyway. Was he though? Could he have overlooked something? Maybe when he returned home, he could ask her to let him take another whack with it for good measure.
Of all days to miss Ylisse and his family, it had to be today. Most everyone in the army was left to their devices since there wasn't much to do for some time. They had returned from battle not long ago and a lot of injuries still needed tending to before Kamui would even think of marching on further. It was like the war with Grima all over again. It just made him wish that he hadn't agreed to com
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It Can't Be Real
What the hell kind of nightmare was that? Leon groaned and rubbed his face. "Ah!" he hissed as his hand ran over his cheek. Why did his cheek hurt? He looked at his hand and noticed it was bloodstained. No. There was no way. Lighting a candle, he immediately went to the nearest reflective surface in the room, which was the window. While it was difficult to see his reflection, there was no mistaking the dark liquid slowly sliding down his face.
How was that possible? How was that cut real? It was only a nightmare. It wasn't real. He remembered being told that dreams can sometimes be warped by reality. Maybe someone, likely Saizou or Takumi, came in while he was sleeping and cut his cheek open. The potential reasons varied, but it happened nonetheless. Despite chalking his newest injury up to lingering hate for his kingdom, ill will towards him, and for sick laughs among other possible reasons, he couldn't ignore the feeling in his gut that maybe... just maybe... what happened in his nig
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This Shouldn't Be Real
Where the hell was he? This place looked very peculiar. Since when were walls made of metal? Those are really large pipes. The sound of something metallic scratching the wall startled him, causing him to turn towards the sound. What was this? A silhouette of long, sharp claws cast a shadow on Takumi's face. Were they… getting longer? "I see you in your dream, and now I'm going to kill you!"
"What the hell!?" The moment he saw the claws begin to stretch towards him, Takumi quickly took off. What was that monstrosity and what did it–- no, it was a person! What did he want with him? The latter was a stupidly obvious question. Whoever, whatever he was, he wanted him dead. Was he really a person though? Certainly seemed so, but the prince didn't want to stick around to find out, never mind discover what his motive was.
He hit a dead end and looked around for a possible exit. "A side corridor!" Thank Naga. He ducked the claws and ran down the corridor. It split in multiple dir
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My Sunshine
The shout rang out among the training grounds, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and turn their attention to the source of the noise. Gods, what was Odin going to bother him about now?
"It's time!"
Time? What could-- Oh. Oh! Lazward's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. This was really going to happen. It was happening right now!
Odin hastily beckoned him to follow. "Come on!"
Everyone else was confused. "Time?" Hinata parroted, setting his training blade down. "Time for what?" Others talked amongst themselves, wondering what exactly it was 'time' for and what it had to do with Prince Xander's retainer.
"Oh my Gods... Oh my Gods!" Lazward immediately dropped his own training blade and began to run after Odin.
"Lazward!" Kazahana called. "Time for what!?"
His reply, anxious and gleeful, echoed behind him. "I'm going to be a father!"
Now it began to click. There was a notable absence on the training grounds for the past couple of weeks. Luna was so far alo
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Amnesia: Justine Ch 4
Taking another breather, she leaned against the door again. How many more scares was she going to be put through!? By now, she had seriously had enough.
After she caught her breath and let her hands stop shaking, she reached over to the phonograph and turned the crank.
"Inspector Marot," Justine was addressing the police officer in the Dungeon, "are you still with us?"
"Yes!" the woman proudly boasted. After enduring the most terrifying experience of her life, or at least what she could remember, saving the man was quite a feat.
"I'm looking forward to see if you managed to save him or not," Justine continued. "I know very little about him, but surely he had a family, don't you think?" The sociopathic woman mused on as if Marot was dead. "Poor, poor, fatherless children. But he falls on his own sword. His kind is not meant to come for people like me. Laws are made for cretins."
What? "Laws are made to protect people, you crazy woman!"
Justine spoke on
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Yo I actually drew a full thing for Fire Emblem fINALLY. Hoping that this means the end of my art block
Okay I'm finally caught up here story-wise for the moment
Did I ever mention that I fucking hate the tagging system that dA uses?
Hey there! Long time, no see XD Well, here's a few updates:

:bulletred: I hit a smol art block, but I've thankfully managed to get over it. Four new pieces are up!
:bulletorange: My literature folder has been SERIOUSLY neglected here, and I'm honestly not sure what to do with it. Posting on my AO3 takes precedence over updating here, so there's currently more available there than here. This begs the question that I want to ask everyone: Should I keep updating my literature here, or get rid of the literature section and direct everyone to my AO3, where it is MUCH easier to find stories? Honestly, this is up to you guys, so let me know! Until then, I'll hold off on posting new stories here
:bulletyellow: I ran an elimination tournament for Fates in an FE Facebook group I'm in, along with two bonus rounds, and decided that I would draw the winners. Expect art of these three winners to come up:
 - Tournament Winner: Camilla
 - Royal Bonus Winner: Sakura
 - Amiibo Bonus Winner: Ike
:bulletgreen: I might run an elimination tournament for Awakening, and if I do, I'll draw the winner from there too

That's about it for now!

 - Sgt Leppard
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